About Travel Agent X

What is Travel Agent X?

Our company is about becoming an entirely different kind of online booking agency.


Instead of booking a trip you don’t want and charging you exorbitant fees to be stuck at a hotel you didn’t choose, we try to do something different:

we make booking your own trip as easy as possible. How you say? We give you tips and tricks that expert travellers know for journeying to places that you know exactly

where you’re going and how much fun you’re going to have. We also point you in the way of discount travel sites that’ll save you money on airfare, hotels, and car rentals. We also

show you how to book your trip, from step 1 to step 3. It’s really that simple!

about travel agent x

Our History:

We started this company as a brick and mortar store in Florida in 2008. We tried to give customers a great experience, but we found difficulty making travel easier and cheaper for

our customers. We were told by companies to upsell our customers on unnecessary add-ons (like insurance or points cards). We steadfastly refused, and closed our physical location (mainly out of spite).

Now, welcome to our current iteration: Travel Agent X.

We have already helped thousands of travellers book their trips and saved them hundreds to thousands of dollars for each customer. Feel free to browse around our website and find some cool and amazing ways to save money.