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Travelocity Promo Codes and More Cheap Vacationing Tips

5 Tips For a Cheap Vacation

There’s a long-heralded myth that any kind of travel vacation must cost a fortune. The hotel owners and airlines like to keep this myth going because it makes them money.

The truth is, you can travel, even if you don’t have much money. There are plenty of ways to mitigate the biggest expenses. Here are six of them:

1) If you’re going to fly, don’t book directly through the airline. Plenty of sites such as Kayak and Travelocity let you scour the net for great deals on flights. Giving yourself a flexible schedule, booking in advance and taking off-peak flights can save you hundreds of dollars in airfare. You can also use a travelocity promo code to shave off …

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Don’t Forget to Pack These 10 Travel Essentials (Including Bluetooth Speakers!)

Packing for a perfect trip is about more than just remembering your toothpaste. It’s about making sure you have everything you need to get the most out of your travels. These ten items are small enough to fit in your carry-on, but pack a real punch when it comes to making your trip a more rewarding or productive experience. 

1. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Don’t depend on the hotel to provide you with a way to listen to music or podcasts. Bluetooth speakers are small and often battery-powered, so you can bring your favorite jams from your room to the beach without worrying about cords or cables.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best bluetooth speakers:

2. Fitness Tracker

Wherever you’re going, there’s bound